Best Can Openers 2019 Reviews & Buying Guide (Exclusive List)

Best Can Openers 2019: Think of all the food that comes in cans, flavorful tomato sauce, beans, pineapples even tuna. It’s faster to cook with canned goods as they save us time with chopping, peeling, preparing sandwiches for lunch etc. We can only enjoy these foods if we have a can opener: it might not be a very exciting appliances but no kitchen can be completed without one. It’s the more convenient way of opening the tin lids so we can access all of the contents inside those cans.

Can you imagine if you didn’t own a can opener, or bought one? That isn’t very effective, isn’t it? Well, we’ve spent enough time struggling with rusted or flimsy can openers to know the minor frustration that’s possible. Then, what if you had a terrible one? One that simply twists the metal instead of cutting though it, can’t navigate around corners, curves or oval tins?

Using any other cutting tool in place of a can opener, like a knife, corkscrew or blade is just dangerous. Luckily these are options you won’t have to make as the market is filled with options. Some of them can even latch on, cut quickly, and glide across corners without slipping. In this best can opener review list, we’ve assessed those that are easy to use, ranging from price tags, features, plus and minus points.  

#1 Advanced Mixcology’s Manual Can Opener

Advanced Mixcology’s Manual Can Opener
Advanced Mixcology’s Manual Can Opener

This can opener is meant for older people and those with weak hands. It can cut around corners without slipping making it very easy to use as it fits all can sizes and doubles as a lever too. It’s safe to use as well, as there are no sharp, round gears so there’s no risk of cutting yourself or getting any tiny metal shavings in your food.

Advanced Mixcology has used the top quality plastic and 304 grade stainless steel that’s food safe one doesn’t have to worry about the opener getting rusted, cracking and guaranteed to last a very long time.

• It fits any can, and it has no sharp gears.
• It is safe and efficient, suited for elderly people those with weak hands or arthritis.
• It offers 180 days refund.
• Some buyers have said that they noticed an uneven gloss finishing. Since there are no gears, it might not deliver on a quick, precise and sharp cut. It is hard to determine how well it can cut into metal using absolutely not blades, circular cutters of any sort.

#2 The 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight from Hamilton Beach

The 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight from Hamilton Beach
The 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight from Hamilton Beach

This small, lightweight can opener is automatic and operated using a standard electrical plug that can work with all sockets. Simply put the can under the cutters and press the lever/switch placed at the back to open the can. If things get too messy or if you splash some of the can contents onto the cutter, you can clip off the blade and wash it. On top of the unit, there is a small holder that holds onto the lid as it’s being cut away and prevents it from falling into the food.

Just under the blades is a small dock that can be used for sharpening knives and when you’re finally finished with the Hamilton Beach Heavyweight, wrap the cord in the f=given section for easier storage.

• Detachable and washable opener unit, Automatic shutoff, SureCut™ patented technology, Knife sharpener, cord storage.
• Might not work well for 28 oz. cans, doesn’t last longer then a month even under minimal usage. Some users claim that the item is underpowered and jams while it’s working.

#3 The 76606ZA Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener from Hamilton Beach

The 76606ZA Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener from Hamilton Beach
The 76606ZA Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener from Hamilton Beach

Another sleek, minimal design from Hamilton Beach with zero fuss, less touch can opening mechanism. All you have to do is hold the can in place under the cutter and push down the level on top for a smooth side cutting finish. It works with all standard sized cans, pop-top lids.

• Large ergonomic lever.
• Attractive design and easy to use.
• Side cutting without jagged edges.
• Metal shavings produced.
• Cord length isn’t long enough

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#4 Electric can/bottle opener From AICOK

Electric can/bottle opener From AICOK
Electric can/bottle opener From AICOK

If you’re looking for another multifunction cutting option, then this is it. It is indeed an extra tall design that can cut small, large and tall cans in seconds. The opener will hold the can on its own till it is opened and a magnetic button prevents the lid from falling inside. On the reverse side, you will find a knife sharpener on the lower end and a bottle opener on the top side. Detachable unit is dishwasher safe.

• Multi-function electric opener, bottle opener, knife sharpener.
• It offers cord storage option.
• It has an auto turn off feature.
• Poor quality.
• jams after a certain amount of time, fairly weak performance.

#5 KitchenAid Can Opener

KitchenAid Can Opener
KitchenAid Can Opener

Those familiar with the quality and performance of the KitchenAid series of appliances, can’t expect the same from this can opener. It is crafted using the strongest stainless steel blades that can puncture and cut away any type of can metal. This is a traditional, manual design with a turn knob, so it’s easy to use and clean as well, using any mild detergent can be placed in the dishwasher.  

• It has stainless Steel blades.
• It turns easily and has ergonomic handles.
• Its warranty is included and 6 colours available.
• weak cutting grip.

#6 T01 Can Opener from Kebley

T01 Can Opener from Kebley
T01 Can Opener from Kebley

This can opener is made entirely out of food grade, quality stainless steel, with cutting gears that are zinc plated and heat treated for maximum strength. Kebley guarantees that the can opener will not break, rust and should last you a while with proper care.

The blade is sharp enough to give you faster cutting in just seconds on any type of can and ensures that there are no metal shavings or jagged edges. System locks onto cans, twirls around easily using the twisting knob.

• Fast cutting, Ergonomic and safe, Easy operation and 1 year warranty, bottle opener included.
• Prone to easy rusting, weak cutting performance.

#7 The CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener from Cuisinart

The CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener from Cuisinart
The CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener from Cuisinart

Cuisinart guarantees power, convenience and style in this Deluxe Can opener. The design includes chrome accents, elegant classy contours and can be operated using with just a single touch. The cutting unit is fitted with a Power Cut Blade and a magnetic lid holder for a sharper cut that doesn’t allow the lid to fall back into the can. Its can even be detached from the level for clean up.

• Power Cut blade, Cuisinart-quality engineered motor, Single-touch operation, standard size cans, Removable activation lever and easy clean.
• Weak cutting mechanism, can do get jammed, not the best quality or construction engineering.

#8 Instecho’s Automatic Can Opener

Instecho’s Automatic Can Opener
Instecho’s Automatic Can Opener

This mini, pod shaped handheld electric can opener fits any can size and is the best choice for seniors or those with arthritis. It can be operated with a touch of a button to start up the innovative side cutting system that is good for getting those re-sealable smooth edge lids. Small and hygienic, you only need to wipe it down with a clean, damp cloth only as this opener is battery operated. 

• Smooth Edge, Easy to Clean, small, light weight, 2* AA batteries, sleek design, easy storage.
• Not for regular home use, need constant battery supply, weak performance.

#9 The 1049953 Can Opener from OXO

The 1049953 Can Opener from OXO
The 1049953 Can Opener from OXO

This downward facing, patented side-wind, can twirling design gives you a cut lid without the sharp or jagged edges. Manual operation is required but this is easy given the soft grip, non slip handles.   

• Smooth Edge.
• Easy to Use.
• non electric design for smaller kitchens.
• Leaves metal shavings.
• Difficulty latching on and cutting cans

#10 Safe Cut Manual Can Opener from Good Cook

Safe Cut Manual Can Opener from Good Cook
Safe Cut Manual Can Opener from Good Cook

The patented design leaves safe, smooth edges after every cut and ensures that the cutting wheel never touches food inside cans. Good Cook offers an opener with a very simple, minimalist look that’s great for all kitchens.

• Works fast.
• Reliable and solid build.
• Sturdy feel, affordable .
• Some complaints about blunt cutter and gears with a lot of slipping on can lids instead of gripping them. It has short life span in spite of no damages.

Best Can Openers 2019 Buying Guide (Updated)

Buying a can opener is a simple decision, but they do cost money – so how do you find one that works? You probably already own a few of these gadgets. Many might have ended up in the trash because they didn’t work or broke. Others might still on be in those counter drawers, tucked away out of sight because they were dangerous, too heavy or cumbersome to use. Any can opener that you do buy should of course open cans, but you also want something that’s functional, easy to use and will hopefully last a good amount of time.

First of all the device should be able to do its job, which is top open cans. This might sound odd, but you’ll be surprised at the number of gadgets that don’t what they’re supposed to! Then it should be simple to set up and operate, usually the fewer complicated steps, the better. Then, it needs to last, so that you don’t have to keep buying new can openers every three months or so. Look for a manufacturer that gives you a good warranty: either a lifetime one or 100% refunds.

It needs to be well made, by that meaning that it shouldn’t feel flimsy. Handhelds should be comfortable to hold and if the device is a freestanding electric, it should be sturdy. Standing, automated can openers should not tip over when cans are placed on them and should grip the can firmly. The best cutting mechanisms are the stainless steel ones that are rust resistant as this could turn out to be a safety hazard. Easy maintenance too, something that goes straight into the dishwasher or that can be wiped down or washed using detergents.  

Cutting wheels should leave smooth, safe edges  so you don’t cut yourself and that doesn’t come in contact with foods. If this is a big priority, then you should look for a tool that can cut the side of the can. If lids keeping falling back into the can, find a device with a magnetic lid holder.

Small manual can openers: these are operated by hand using a turning motion. The standard type has a cutter that’s been attached to the handle. You open this, set the cutter down on the lid and press down to punch a hold in the lid. Then, begin turning the knob on the other side so that it slices its way around the lid. Works using the hand crank and there are no automated or moving parts. This type can open the lids from the top or the side. Another simpler version acts like a knife that you pierce the lid with and then carry on opening the lid using a sawing motion.

Heavy duty countertop manual openers that have to be fastened onto a sturdy, flat surface. They are meant for commercial use and work by turning the handle to engage a knife to cut open lids.

  • Open four or six cans per minute
  • Or 50 cans daily
  • Heavy use and sturdy
  • Opens up 11 inch cans too

Electric can openers can be operated with the push of a button and a magnet hold the can in place as it spins through a sharp blade removing the top. Here too, you have side and tops cutters but you also have counter tops, under a cabinet or mounted. Some even come with multi functions like a bag cutter, can opener, bottle opener and knife sharpener all rolled into one.

  • Smaller, lighter duty at home
  • Opens 2 or 3 cans per minute
  • Or 15 to 25 cans daily
  • Maximum can height of 7 inches

You might even find smaller, hand held openers operated by battery that can be placed on top of the can, push a button and the lid is removed.    

Then you have punch  can openers that use a single cut to open up large cans. You press a level that launches a round blade that cuts and pick out the lid as well. You might have to change blades, depending on the can size. You also have air driven models too, but both are meant for use in industries.

What's the Need for Best Can Openers

A lot of people use tinned foods, sauces, mixes for themselves and their pets. Cans are a good and cheap way to package almost every type of food as it keep things preserved for no longer. The only downside is that tins are made out of aluminum and metal, a material that’s tough to open. Sure, you do have those with a can opener ring fixed on the lid, but those break off or don’t open the lid completely and that’s why we need can openers.

You might find some issues with the can itself. Occasionally, the opener might come out of its socket, other times it might not open up the can entirely and finally, it could be harmful too i.e. the metal shavings, gears snapping out of place etc.

Then, you have the speed and advantages of an electric can opener that looks and operates like a normal can opener, except that it does all the work for you. There are several ways you can use a can opener – plugging in the cable, lifting a lever, pushing a button, but at the end, one thing’s for certain.

That it’s convenient and mobile, meaning that you can move them around, take them for outdoor events. Then, you’re always ensured that the lid will be pulled off any can in a 100% clean manner. Many options are sleek, compact and don’t clutter your countertop or kitchen for that matter. And installed correctly and well, you have a much nicer function too.

Using the device, you only require half the effort usually just to hold the can, remove it or move it around. Otherwise, none at all if you’ve got one of those automated, electric can openers. Speaking of those non manual can openers, you don’t put yourself at risk every time you want to open a can.

Like all gadget and appliances you have in your home, proper maintenance will ensure that this device will last. Care is as simple as putting away the cord or washing it with water and soap. In some cases, you may need to use a toothbrush for clearing out debris from the equipment and blades.  For safety and hygienic purposes, a lot of people choose stainless steel as it lasts longer and offers a good cut. Some of these options will have magnetic lid holders too, so the lids never fall inside.  

Who Should Use Can Openers in 2019

Can openers really are a part of all households, whether one uses them or not. So, moms who have to cook for the whole family rely on a lot of canned goods to get things done faster. They could use manual openers, but they are time consuming and frustrating. So they use mounted, electric openers as this is convenient for them and their lifestyle.

Then, some one who only buys canned foods for their pet cat or dog, might only need the manual openers with a knob. They can use this a couple times a week for a maximum of two cans per day and that’s it. A manual one may be cost effective assuming that they don’t use other canned goods. Investing in an electric one may be too much for them.

Electric or push button openers are good options for those who have arthritis: let’s take seniors here who might not have the strength to turn a knob or use any manual option. They require a fixed, mounted openers that can hold, spin and release the can all on its own.

Restaurants, cafes and other eateries may require bigger, stronger openers seeing how they will need to open several cans every day. Smooth, low effort and high performance all packed in one, is what suits these busy kitchens. Its important to asses all openers they can find online to prevent getting stuck with one that won’t lock onto the can, slips while cutting or its hard to turn.

If you need an extra can opener for camps, barbeques, then the smaller, electric handheld devices are ideal. This is because they will only last for a short while, light enough to be carried in picnic or camping backpacks and won’t cost you anything extra should they stop working.

Last Few Words:

You can choose any type of can opener based on your needs and budget. For some, the traditional opener may be best as all they want is the functionality. For others, it might be inconvenient and that calls for anything other than hand operated.

Certain gadgets may offer you a range of functions but might be costly and could even be delicate or not intended for rough use. Then again, you might even find something very powerful, good quality and that lives up to its claims within the same price bracket.

Some regard affordable best can openers as having less quality and that they might not last long. While this may be true, you could always find an option that does suit your need and budget as well. For example, the stainless steel tools here are made to look tough and durable, but in reality they were shown to rust easily often wore down quickly.

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