Best BBQ Grills 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide (Exclusive List)

Best BBQ Grills : Happy families enjoying a bottle of chilled beer by the side of their BBQ grill is not a very uncommon sight on a breezy summer weekend. Now, with the summer and grilling season around the corner, it might be a good idea for families to invest in a new BBQ grill set. If you are one of the folks who are bored of their old grill or simply want to invest in a shining new one, you would already be aware of the fact that there are just too many options in the market to select from and to confuse you even further, there are different genres of a BBQ grill too in the market. However, before you buy one, it is important to have a proper understanding of the different genres so that you can have a clear idea about that one particular grill that you need to solve all your BBQ requirements in the best possible way.

You may choose from a wide selection of the top barbecue grills on the market today. Propane grills undoubtedly perform exceptionally well, despite the fact that they are not regarded as being among the most complex barbecues available. To properly operate this barbecue, you will need to get your hands dirty. A smoker tin is another option for achieving the desired flavor profile of smoked meat. Speaking about the following one, beehive grills are the most popular sort of grills to purchase. These grills can be made of ceramic, wood, or even charcoal, depending on your preference. There are several of them, and some even include controls for controlling the temperature and the amount of time. People who don’t want to spend a significant amount of money have the option of purchasing a barrel grill, which is not only a very cost-effective solution but also performs extremely well.

The main thing here is to spend quality time with the family and enjoy delicious grilled food. However, if you are confused about which BBQ grill to buy, worry not because you can follow our below list of Top 10 Best BBQ grills of 2023 to make an informed choice.

Top 10 Best BBQ Grills 2023
(Our Top Picks)

As mentioned earlier in the article, the market now is full of different varieties of best BBQ grills. Yes, it is a fact that you have a variety of options to choose from but it is equally important to know them all before zeroing in on one. The below-compiled list has been prepared after considering various aspects like:-

We haven’t considered the aspect of price in our list and have ensured to keep products from the economical ones to the high priced ones as well. So here is the top 10 BBQ grill reviews along with their pros and cons which you can buy to have a wonderful and delicious summer ahead.

Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 Black LP Outdoor Gas Grill
Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 Black LP Outdoor Gas Grill

This barbecue grill includes all the contemporary characteristics, including upgraded burners, ignition, a cutting-edge grilling system, porcelain bars, a large cooking area, etc. A single batch of barbecued food can easily feed up to seven individuals. It includes foldable side tables where you may store food items for convenience, as well as hooks to hang cooking utensils. It comes with fitted wheels and an open cart design for simple movement.

• It has flawless ignition.
• It has a grill that gets heated very quickly.
• It is easy to assemble.
• It has a wide grilling area.
• The stainless steel used in some areas of the grill is of an inferior quality.
Kenmore 4 Burner LP Gas Grill
Kenmore 4 Burner LP Gas Grill

This would be another good choice for your summer barbeques. This has a 4 burner grill and does include a side burner as well for cooking your veggies or any other side dishes. The burner has enough surface area (569 sq inch) to grill up to 15 stakes at a single go. You also get extended side panels to keep your required food items on it. 

Another good point about the grill is that the grates are porcelain coated which ensures that your food does not get burnt easily. This also facilitates easy cleaning. A temperature gauge is also provided with the grill to monitor and grill your steak to perfection.

• It has electronic ignition for easy operation.
• It has easy portability with wide fitted wheels.
• It ensures fast heating.
• It takes time to assemble.
• Its burners could have been better.
Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner Cart Liquid Propane Gas Grill
Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner Cart Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The 5 burner grill ensures that the performance is aptly delivered by generating heat of around 36000 BTU. The grill area is also wide and the grates are coated with porcelain which makes it rust resistant and also ensures that the food doesn’t stick to the grill. The grill also comes fitted with an auto electric ignition mechanism and has side shelves too that provide that extra bit of space you need while cooking and grilling. 

• It has an electric ignition.
• It has a grease tray that is removable for easy and quick cleanup.
• It has a wide grill space.
• It comes with a temperature gauge.
• The heat distribution could have been better.
• The quality of wheels could have been better.
Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel
Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

This gas BBQ grill has almost everything which an outdoor grill can accommodate. Comes with the usual 4 burners and here is the best part – it also has a side and a rear infrared burner. The grill space is also brilliant and the best part of this unit is the ease of its assembly. The entire unit is made of stainless steel and hence it makes it a rust proof device.

• It has a corrosion free stainless steel body.
• It has good wide shelves and a grill area.
• It has infrared side burners.
• It does not heat up quickly or easily.
Kenyon B70082 Floridian All Seasons Portable Stainless Steel Electric Grill

This grill is a portable one and is powered by electricity, not with the usual charcoal or gas. There are many cities in the world where they don’t allow you to use the gas or charcoal variant and that is exactly where you can use this electric BBQ grill for those sundowner parties or on a fun Sunday when your friends come over for lunch. The design of the grill is absolutely fabulous and power-wise it does have some serious stuff in it. It can reach temperatures of up to 600 degrees in just a quick 10 minutes. The setup time is negligible and hence, you can enjoy your barbeques at any point in time. Cleaning this grill is also a hassle free process and it can be done in just no time. 

• It has a portable design.
• It gets heated quickly.
• It is easy to clean and maintain.
• It fails to deliver the smokiness in the food
Coleman Propane Grill | RoadTrip LXE Portable Gas Grill
Coleman Propane Grill | RoadTrip LXE Portable Gas Grill

If you are looking for an ideal portable grill for camping or tailgating, then this BBQ grill might fit in the best. Although it is portable in nature, in terms of performance, it provides around 20000 BTU of temperature across a decent (285 sq inch) grill surface. It is super easy to setup and can be taken along  to any place quite easily. 

It also has an auto ignition mode for seamless lighting of the grill. The collapsible nature makes it ultra-portable and also makes this grill a brilliant product to take along with you to your camping trips or family picnics.

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• It has a compact design and is super portable.
• It can be easily assembled.
• It can be easily cleaned.
• It does not come with a temperature controller so you need to keep an eye on your steaks.
Char-Griller E3001 Grillin' Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill
Char-Griller E3001 Grillin' Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill

This grill comes with three main burners which can generate heat of around 40800 BTU and around 12000 BTU is generated in the side burners. It has an inbuilt electric ignition system for quickly lighting up the grill and it also heats up pretty quickly as well. The cooking surface is also decent and the unit comes with six wheels for easy movement. It also comes with smoke stacks for easy controlling of the temperature.

• It has an electronic ignition system.
• It has a large grill surface.
• It has porcelain coated grates.
• It has durable flame shields.
• It takes a good amount of time to assemble.
• Its wheels could have been better.
Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D Smart Space Living 36,000 BTU 3-Burner LP Gas Grill

This BBQ grill is built impressively and has three burners in place. The best aspect of this grill is the compactness in terms of built. Although the count of burners might be lower compared to the other grills, it provides enough heat to grill all your stuff within the concise space. The side tables provide ample space to support your additional cooking items. The cast iron grates are porcelain enameled and the overall finish of the grill is quite stylish.

• It comes with a temperature controller.
• It has a compact and durable design.
• It has porcelain enameled grates.
• It has limited grill space and so, not suitable when you want to cook a lot at one go.
Weber-Stephen Products 62010001 Genesis Ii E410 Lp Grill
Weber-Stephen Products 62010001 Genesis Ii E410 Lp Grill

This BBQ grill has four burners that are made of stainless steel and are built with the best in class GS4 technology. The grates are porcelain-enameled which ensures that cooking is easy and the delicious steaks don’t get easily burnt as well. Cleaning this grill is also easy and so is managing grease. It is easy to manage the grease with this BBQ grill because it comes with a separate tray where the grease gets accumulated during cooking and you can clean the tray easily as well. 

The heat distribution in this grill is also quite decent and the grill area is also pretty good. It also comes with warming racks which allows you to keep your food warm. The design is very efficient too. The grill comes with designated hooks to hang your cooking tools and additional side tables too where you can keep your other stuff. The auto ignition option allows you to light up the burners easily.

• It allows proper distribution of heat.
• It has a brilliant design and construction.
• It can easily be taken around.
• In accordance with the size of the grill, the heat output is a bit low as compared to the other grills available in the market. So, you need to prepare ahead of time because the grilling will not happen very fast.
Broilmaster P4-xfn Premium Natural Gas Grill On Stainless Steel Patio Post
Broilmaster P4-xfn Premium Natural Gas Grill On Stainless Steel Patio Post

A pedestal is included with this high-end BBQ grill, which improves its entire appeal. The P4 premium grills, which produce heat at a rate of about 40000 BTUs, provide this grill an exceptional and unparalleled heat dispersion. The grill’s heavy-duty cast aluminum construction assures a very long lifespan for the BBQ grill. The cooking space is also respectable, and the grill’s grates contain ceramic flavor enhancers that give your vegetarian and non-vegetarian steaks the much-needed smoky flavor.

• It has a good design.
• It ensures even distribution of heat.
• The quality of the materials used in the body is quite good.
• The installation is fairly difficult.
• There are issues with the ignition system that need attention.

Best BBQ Grills 2023 Buying Guide (Updated)

If you are a BBQ lover, you wouldn’t definitely want to miss out on the aroma of freshly seared steaks from your grill this summer. Although we have provided a collated list of the top 10 best bbq grills to you, it would be best if you could understand the stepwise procedure on how you can select a grill for your BBQ needs.

To start with the basics, the first thing which needs to be considered while buying a grill is selecting the grill type.

Charcoal Grill: The most widely accessible grill on the market, this kind is economical in nature. Because it uses charcoal, this grill’s USP is the smokiness it imparts to the food that is being grilled. One frequent problem that many users encounter is lighting the charcoal grill because it takes a long time to start and just as long to heat up. Since this style of barbecue requires constant cleaning after use, cleaning is another problem.

Gas Grill: This type of BBQ grill generally uses any type of natural gas or propane gas to generate the heat. You can control the temperature in this grill type in order to have that perfect grill. Gas grills can be both economic as well as super expensive. The built quality of the gas grills is sturdy and they generally last long.

Electric Grill: The use of gas or charcoal barbecues is prohibited in many cities across the world. People who live in such cities have the option of purchasing electric barbecues. Additionally, electric barbecues are far more portable and easy to put together. However, the smoky flavor that a typical BBQ grill imparts to food would be absent from anything cooked in an electric grill. With this sort of grill, cleaning is also a cinch because an electric grill can be quickly cleaned with only a quick swipe of a towel. Therefore, you may start enjoying delectable grilled meals as soon as you plug in the grill. Yes, it really is that easy.

Smokers: You can buy this device along with your griller or you can even buy it separately if needed. The smokers are generally used to cook a large quantity of food over a long period of time. The smokers can be fueled by both charcoal and gas. The flavor which you will get by cooking in a smoker is unmatched but the effort which needs to be given is way more than you put in a grill.

Other Options: While the above-mentioned grill types are the most commonly found items in the market out there but there are other variants too which might just suit your needs perfectly. Some of them are:

Wood Pellet Grill – The functionality of this grill is similar to that of a charcoal grill but the difference is that it can be used with different wood chips like pecan, hickory, apple, etc. in place of charcoal.

Hybrid Grill – As the name suggests, you can use both charcoal and gas to power this type of grill.

Portable Grills – These grills are meant to be taken along with you to any camping site or while picnicking. These grills are portable and work well too.

When to select a big grill space: If you are aiming at serving a large number of people every time you plan a BBQ party at your backyard, then you should definitely go for a big grill. The size of the grill could be anywhere between 550 to 700 sq inches. You should also keep in mind that operating on a big grill space requires skill and proper attention. Buy one only if you are confident about operating it.

When to select a small grill space: If you have a space constraint in your house or if you don’t have a big backyard to place your big grill unit, then you can go for BBQ grills with a small grill space. Such grills are suitable for small cuts of meat or veggies and can feed any small to medium sized family perfectly.

When to select a large grill space: A BBQ grill with a large grill unit is only required if you want to feed a big crowd or when your steak cuts are large in size.

When you are cooking a number of food items for your family or friends, along with the usual raw materials you would be definitely requiring the supporting set of cooking tools like tongs and ingredients like salt, etc. to cook your food. Now if your grill has wide shelves, then you can have all of the necessary items placed on the shelves so that you can cook with ease without having to go back to your kitchen every time to get the missing item required for grilling.

Now many like their steak rare, many would prefer it fully cooked, and many might enjoy a medium rare steak. Now, in order to have that perfect meat, you need to have it placed it under accurate temperatures. In order to have a control on the same, many grills come with thermostats. Choose a grill equipped with a thermostat if you want to have that perfect steak as per your or your family’s liking on your plate.

In order to grill your food quickly you would require a unit which produces a good amount of heat across the grilling surface. The unit of measurement, in this case, is BTU or the British Thermal Unit. In general, a BBQ grill which has a heat generation bandwidth of 12000 to 15000 BTUs per burner would generate enough heat to grill your food items quickly and efficiently.

Your job does not end with buying a BBQ grill. For your BBQ grill to have a good lifespan, purchasing a cover is extremely important. Not only does it protect the unit from adverse weather conditions and dust, but it also protects your precious grill from rodents and insects. In order to choose the perfect cover, it is always advised to go for a cover that is made of a hard material like stainless steel rather than flannels or any other fabric, as it is likely to be damaged by rodents.

Always remember that the more the number of burners, the better would be the heat generation. You should ensure that the burners are made of either brass or steel and whatever unit you buy should have a minimum of two burners. Burners made of iron or aluminum gets corroded easily and hence it is advised not to go for grills which have burners made out of them. If the number of burners is higher, it would also mean that the grill surface would be bigger and as a result of which you can cook more food at a given point of time.

You need to consider that not always would you be cooking big chunks of meat, Many a times you would want to grill small veggies or seafood. With small items such as these, it is not an uncommon event that while grilling your food, the items fall in the fire. In order to avoid such mishaps, a grill basket is what you should go ahead and buy.

You would come across many grills that have features which you have never heard of and is also not common in the BBQ grill market. It is better to go for devices which have well-known features and can be used easily without prior knowledge or skill.

Last Few Words

Ultimately buying a particular type of grill would solely be based on your decision. You need to consider the aspects that you would want to focus on while choosing a BBQ grill. If you are looking at something with good built quality, decent heat generation capacity, or an excellent grill space, then we have listed quite a few of the units that have these features in our top 10 Best BBQ Grills 2023 list mentioned above. The Weber-Stephen Products 62010001 Genesis Ii E410 Lp Grill in our opinion would be a good choice as it has most of the sought for qualities and the performance aspect is also quite good,


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