Best Air Fryers 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide (100% Recommended)

Best Air Fryers 2023: Every country, every age group has its own kind of favorite food. However, there are a few items consumed universally, irrespective of the age group. These are those items, which are very deeply fried including chicken, mutton, fries etc. The temptation for such food is real and why not, have you ever had a deep fried item. The primitive concern of every fried lover is how bad it is for health.

Some people are able to avoid falling prey to the many health conditions that are brought on by the regular consumption of such items, while others are unable to avoid giving in to the temptation and eating them on a regular basis. People have a tendency to put on a lot of weight, and one reason for this is that oil contains an excessive amount of calories. The terms “taste” and “health” are rarely used in the same sentence, although we do live in an age of rapidly advancing technology. As a result, many different companies are coming out with innovative kitchen appliances such as air fryers, BBQ grills, and other similar products that challenge consumers to enjoy delicious food that is also good for them.

Yes, we are talking about Air Fryer, the modern appliance which makes your favorite deep fried items without the use of oil. These air fryers use superheated air as a substitute for oil and produce super yummy fried, roasted, baked and grilled food items. They reduce the fat content of the resulting food item by 75%, isn’t it great? But, not every appliance does the appropriate work. You need to know which appliance would do the work. So, we have shortlisted the 10 best air fryers you can select from if you have decided to get one.

Top 10 Best Air Fryers of 2023 (Don't Miss This One)

It is not a simple task to choose the best air fryers from the hundreds of options that are offered on the most popular online shopping websites. However, we have completed the difficult task of doing in-depth research and have compiled a list of the top 10 best air fryers of 2023, which you may take into consideration when shopping for one. This post also includes a full assessment of each of the products, as well as our conclusion on whether or not we recommend purchasing it. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Philips HD9641/96 Avance Digital Turbostar Airfryer
Philips HD9641/96 Avance Digital Turbostar Airfryer

One of the 3 great product lineups introduced by Philips is equally popular and effective. This model features a 1.8 lbs capacity and can feed the hungry stomach of 2 people without over doing various portions. If we talk about smaller portions, 4 people can be easily fed.

The best feature is the analog style knob and a digital display which uses an easy interface system to cook. This product comes with a keep warm function as well and ensures warm food up to 30 minutes after the food is prepared. The basket and drawer are removable, dishwasher safe and have a non-stick coating. This fryer, in addition, provides a recipe book, an app, and a basket, plus you can purchase a grill pan and double layer rack with skewers. This product is absolutely reliable and has been rated as the number one product and stands worth the price spent on it.

• The results produced are excellent.
• The appliance is a solid build.
• Consists of the analog dial and digital display.
• Notifies when the timer goes off.
• Buit in keep warm mode to keep your food warm after the cooking time expires.
• Shuts down automatically and facilitates safety.
• The basket mesh base of the product can be taken apart.
• Reputed company with great customer service.
• The components are non-stick and dishwasher safe.
• Price is exhaustive because of high-level brand.
• Accessories are actually limited and can be increased for the price it is tagged with.
• Temperature increments issues leads to inaccuracy .
Yedi Houseware Air Fryer
Yedi Houseware Air Fryer

Here is another air fryer presented by a reputed company. It can be referred to an all-rounder and can serve up to 5 people at a time. Best for big families, this product also gives you a guarantee of 1 year. This product comes along with a recipe book, a basket, cake carrel, pizza pan, rack, tray, rubber mate, perforated steaming papers and a cooking time table.

This product has it all and costs a lot cheaper which makes it rare and a fair deal. It has a digital touch display and boasts 7 presets compatible for various food items. It’s cooking ability is actually adequate irrespective of the food item. 

• Not too pricey, and it comes with 7 preset options.
• Warranty of 1-year provided.
• The digital interface incorporated is easy to use.
• Capacity is more and hence can feed many people at once.
• A popular brand having excellent product and customer service rating.
• Goes off automatically, and its Components are highly non-stick and dishwasher safe.
• The timer is limited to only 30 minutes.
Philips HD9621/96 Viva Turbostar Airfryer
Philips HD9621/96 Viva Turbostar Airfryer

This air fryer has a capacity of 1.8lbs and is yet an analog version of the top rated air fryer which we reviewed in number 1. The looks of these modelsare the same as well with a difference of temperature dial, present at the top. The prices of the product are proportionate to the results it produces.

It comes along a recipe book which gives you all the instructions. Cleaning of this product is also very easy; thanks to its dishwashable and non-stick coating features. The max timer this product offers is 30 minutes which might be a problem but is more than enough for specific items. All in all, this product produces great results, is easy to use, is safe, durable and easy to clean.

• The results produced are highly appreciable.
• The body is built up in a solid way with an alarm facility at the end of the timer.
• Is analog controlled and is super easy to use, and it goes off automatically at the end.
• The additional components are non stick and dishwasher safe.
• Even cooking facilitated by TurboStar, and the mesh basket base is removable.
• Warranty of 1 year provided.
• Great customer service facilitated by the company.
• Branding leads to rising price.
• Accessories provided are limited.
• Issues in set up temperature dial.
BELLA 14752 Air Fryer
BELLA 14752 Air Fryer

The best of budget-friendly air fryers, this product is another great option to select from. Yes, it is durable, produces great results and has a decent capacity of 2.2lbs. It boasts a 2 years warranty, isn’t it great? The interface is of analog and has a timer of up to 60 minutes. For the price and the results combined, this product is a great buy.

The first time you use it, operate this device for 10 minutes without food and clean it after that as the plastic material of the product smells a bit. With no accessories, it comes with 15 manual recipes.

• Price is proportionate to the specs it has.
• The timer can be set up to 60 minutes.
• The handle is of cool touch.
• The components of this product are Non-stick and dishwasher safe.
• Controls are easy to use.
• The results are satisfactory.
• Comes with a 2-year warranty.
• Plastic smell issues are reported.
• Drawer warping issues reported as well.
Yedi Total Package XL Air Fryer
Yedi Total Package XL Air Fryer

If you are looking for a much larger capacity model with a splendid performance, this model would be of your interest. It can feed the entire family at a time with a capacity of 5.8 lbs. It has a digital touch screen, which can be used to set up the temperature and timing. This product has 7 preset programs and has a recipe book containing 100 air fry recipes. This appliance will occupy a larger space so make sure you need it often and will make use of it.

The components are as well dishwasher safer and non-stick and hence the product is easy to clean. A 1-year warranty is attached with the product and full replacement is guaranteed. This product has a lot of add ons available with it.

• The results are very much satisfactory.
• Compatible for big families, and it comes with one-year replacement warranty.
• Lots of accessories are available with it.
• 7 preset cooking programs are a thumbs up.
• Enjoy various kind of cooking in one place and easy to use digital display with touch screen.
• Auto shut-off to prevent burning of food.
• 1-year warranty.
• The basket is not dishwasher safe.
• The cooking tray is huge and the product is bulky.
• The non-stick coating is not durable.
Oster Dura Ceramic Air Fryer
Oster Dura Ceramic Air Fryer

With all the good products mentioned above, why would you wish to look further? Well, here is the catch, a feature which other fryers don’t offer. This product boasts an automatic tilt feature to ensure even and fine cooking. This product cooks food faster and a lot more durable, if compared to the other fryers in terms of non stick coating. 

This fryer also provides other features of grilling, sautéing, baking and roasting. Its capacity is 3 litres and the components are dishwasher safe and non-sticky.

• The results produced are perfectly crispy.
• Large cooking capacity which would serve many people at a time.
• Dual cooking method used.
• Auto shut off when cooking is done.
• LCD screen helps you set the temperature and timer.
• Comes along with accessories.
• Lids are removable and easy to clean.
• Durability of the non-stick coating is pretty high, and it cooks food 30% faster.
• If in a tilted position, the rotation stands ineffective.
• Gets too hot while in operation.
• The level position of this product is not levelled which causes a problem for certain food items.
Habor Air Fryer
Habor Air Fryer

Another great model, with a built-in display, which precisely displays the temperature and cooking timing. This product can serve 2-4 people. The timer is of up to 60 minutes facilitated and comes along multi-uses such as grills, roast, bakes and steams.

The results produced by the fryer were great as well and is pretty much easy to clean. The basket is removable and the drawer is of non-stick property. It results into a clean and easy transfer of food into another dish. The storage capacity of this product is 3.6 litres.

• The display precisely depicts the temperature and timing.
• Has multiple functions along with air frying.
• The fryer is stylish in terms of looks.
• Is constructed with premium materials.
• This fryer is extremely easy to clean.
• 60 minutes timer results in better cooking.
• There is no setting available for preset frying.
• The price is actually higher.
• Fewer accessories provided.
Big Boss Air Fryer
Big Boss Air Fryer

This product boasts a 15L capacity just as its name reads and facilitates cooking of 2 dishes one on top of another. This product has a triple cooking power with the use of halogen, convection, and infrared heat. For the capacity it has, the food item needs to be flipped and cooked for longer intervals for even cooking, thanks to the 60 minutes timer, it does the work.

You are also provided with a few accessories, i.e. 2 trays, lifting tongs and ring extender. For more than 5 people, this is the best option you can go for.

• The large capacity is compatible to serve many people at once.
• The accessories provided are of good range including two racks, lifting tongs and ring extender.
• Progress of the food may be viewed through the glass containers.
• The timer goes up to 60-minutes setting.
• Pretty much compensates the value paid for.
• All the detachable components are non-stick and dishwasher safe.
• Comes along with a 2-year warranty.
• The timer and temperature settings are well-marked and extremely easy to use with.
• Is physically huge because of the huge capacity.
• Takes up a lot of space.
• Cleaning the heavy bowls and components is very difficult.
• The results of this fryer are not as even because of the huge capacity.
• A glass bowl is difficult to handle as if gets pretty hot.
GoWISE 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer
GoWISE 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer

This product uses digital implementation, which makes it easy for you to save settings and use presets. It is a 4th generation electric air fryer which comes with 7 presets. It also comes along with a 50 recipes booklet which is great for anyone to use it. The product beeps at the end of the timer and straight away goes into a standby mode.

The cooking basket and the drawer of this product are dishwasher safe and non-stick. This product also provides a 1-year warranty and can opt to buy the accessories pack it offers. On an end note, this fryer looks stylish, sleek, flashy and is easy to use.

• Shuts down automatically at the end of the timer.
• Alarm beeps at the end of cooking.
• Comes along 7 preset cooking options.
• The digital display is easy to use and shows precise temperature and timer settings.
• The removable components are Dishwasher safe and non-stick.
• Features provided goes along the price tag.
• The cooked food is actually great and satisfactory.
• Comes with 1-year warranty.
• The timer can be set only up to 30 minutes.
• The non-stick coating wears off easily.
• The basket release button is as well prone to issues.
BLACK+DECKER PuriFry Air Fryer
BLACK+DECKER PuriFry Air Fryer

This product is another great performing fryer which comes with a warranty of 2 years and so is durable. The results produced by the fryer are absolutely marvelous and might be the result of the small capacity of 2 pounds which makes it easy for every piece of the food item to be cooked evenly. This appliance with this capacity can feed 2 people at a time. It also boasts yet another additional option of automatic shut off.

A mesh basket divider is provided with this product which is rare. The timer can be set up to 60 minutes which is great and the components are removable as well as dishwasher safe and non-stick.

• The results are splendid.
• The timer goes up to 60-minutes.
• The fryer goes off automatically as well as pre heat function.
• The quality of the air fryer is pretty solid.
• Protection provided against overheating and other complications.
• All the removable parts are dishwasher safe.
• Inclusion of 2 years warranty.
• It is pretty easy to clean.
• Comes in with a basket divider.
• Reputed company with good customer service.
• The temperature settings are hard for the eyes to read with large increments.
• The accessories provided are limited .

Best Air Fryers 2023 Buying Guide (Updated)

If you have difficulty in selecting the best air fryers then here is the list of factors which can be used as a base for selecting the appropriate air fryer for you and your family. Make sure you weigh in all the factors mentioned below:

This is a profound way of thinking. To begin, check that the appliance has a list of things that may be cooked, as well as the settings for the amount of time and temperature, and the amount of oil that it requires. The ideal outcome would be for the food item to emerge from the fryer with a perfectly crisp exterior while retaining its natural moisture and flavor on the interior. The capacity to achieve uniform cooking is yet another key characteristic. Some of them are manual air fryers, which require you to stir the food item occasionally because different foods require being cooked at different temperatures for varying amounts of time. This method is utilized by the majority of fryers. Fryers that fall into the second group rotate and stir themselves automatically; with these models, manual stirring is not necessary. The frying is done automatically by these fryers.

With all the functions the air fryer comes with, is considered here. The built-in features are generally the timer, temperature, preset cooking programs, and other features such as pausing the program in between the cooking process, warm and preheating mode. Make sure you weight them all as per the items you wish to cook in them and select the fryer which has the same built-in feature required for the particular food items. 

Cleaning an air fryer is really a challenge. Especially if you use it more than often, the appliance is prone to get dirtier too soon. In such a case, the cleansing process is difficult and every day it may become a struggle for you. So, you would want to buy a product which has removable parts for better cleaning and also the components which are dishwasher safe as well as non-stick.

Every fryer has its individual capacity and you might be thinking huge capacity fryers are a better option. But that isn’t the case, because the size increases more than the capacity. Small and compact fryers are always the best option and so is cooking when the quantity is less because the air flows in easily and hence great results can be obtained.

Air fryers must be easy to use. Watch out for some features which make the appliance the best and also would guarantee great results. The features include analogy dial for a better display of temperature and time, easy to clean and maintain, the components should be removable and dishwasher safe, adding and removing food should be easy. also, look for some additional features like auto shut down, to prevent your food from burning.

Air fryers, all of them generally comes along with a safety feature. But for a better understanding, watch out for cool touch handle, safety shut down option, safety button which prevents the basket from falling off while you collect your food, smoke-freeexperience etc.

It is difficult to understand which product is durable though. All you can know about a product is only when you use it yourself. For the same, you can rely on review from people who are already using it. Also, look out for some things like the paint coming off, or the non-stick coating wearing off.

Cost is the base of decision making, we know that right? Draw your budget as the fryers range in between $100 to $300.

What's the Need for Best Air Fryers

Every person, regardless of their age, ought to make it their top priority to lead a healthy way of life. Oil is something that improves the flavor of whatever it is applied to, but at the same time, it is detrimental to one’s health. People put on weight, people consume more calories, people suffer a variety of health problems that are a direct result of having too much fat in their bodies, and the list goes on.

To ignore all of the issues, some people simply avoid those items which add extra calories. They eventually compromise with taste. After all, health is never to be looked down upon. Hence, these appliances were introduced, just for no comprise is to be made.

They produce great fried items and are absolutely healthy. All the foodies out there, who compromise with food for better health, need this appliance.

Who Should Use Air Fryers in 2023

People who are passionate about eating yet can’t cook, people who love fried items yet can’t eat. People passionate about cooking, people passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, people who have fried items loving kids; name any of the condition and this appliance is suitable for all.

Best Air fryers are easy to use, as they come with an instruction manual, guiding you with the entire process. They produce super tasty food items with eventually no oil and also using a modern technology assisted item to cook is fascinating in itself. Pick up the best fryer as per your interest and get started with cooking.

Last Few Words:

Air fryers are similar just from the name they are tagged with, but are different in terms of features they offer, with the ease they work, the result they produce and lastly the price they are assigned with. Here is the time to replace your deep-fried pans with an effective appliance right away. Make the decision after weighing in all the factors mentioned and of course the budget you drew. Welcome a tasty, yet healthy lifestyle with the best air fryer

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