Berkey Water Filter 2020 Review & Buying Guide (100% Recommended)

Berkey Water Filter Review: With the growing rate of pollution these days, the need for a water filter has become extremely important. The pollution is not just in the air that we breathe in, in the food we eat, the environment we live in, it exists in the water we drink too. Hence, to come to our rescue, various reputed companies have come up with water filters that can purify drinking water for us. Drinking clean water is equally important for our health. Dirty and water filled with impurities can lead to a lot of health problems and cause serious ailments in human beings.

Berkey Water Filter Review
Berkey Water Filter Review (Unbiased)

So, it is quite a wise decision to invest in a good tap water filter that can provide clean drinking water to you and your family. But, given the fact that there are so many water filters in the market today, it can be a tough job to zero in on one. To make your job easier, here is a review of one of the popular water filters in the market – the Berkey Water Filter.

The Berkey Water Filter is perfect for a small to medium-sized family. Like most other water filters in the market, the Berkey water filter does not need to be attached to a tap or plumbing system. They are portable and can be placed on countertops and used with multiple water supplies. They need to be placed on a surface and filled with water from the top. This water filter uses the gravity filter where the water pressure pushes the water down where it goes through the filters and gets collected at the bottom and the clean water is then ready to be dispensed through the tap.

The Berkey Water Filter Works: An Expert Overview

According to the company, the Berkey water filter is capable enough to purify water up to 99.999 percent for cysts, parasites, pathogenic bacteria, unwanted chemicals, and viruses. The filter also removes many more harmful contaminants such as chlorine, harmful metals like lead, mercury, and other pharmaceuticals. These chemicals are harmful to health and also affect the taste of water. The entire Berkey range uses the “black” filter range. The unique black filters are special because they combine the micro-porous filtration process with modern state-of-the-art technology. Also, the presence of the finest quality materials in the filters gives us this superb water purification system, which is Berkey. 

The unique black filters are also paired with arsenic/fluoride removal filters. We all know difficult it is to remove arsenic and fluoride from the water but the special filters in the Berkey filter seem to do it quite well. However, the fluoride and arsenic reduction filters and the unique black filters must be used together in the Berkey water filter. The number of these two types of filters must also match in order to get the perfect quality of water.

Berkey Black Filter Purification Elements (Checklist)

Berkey Water Filter Capacity Metrics

The Berkey Water Filter is a very durable filter and portable too. You can pack the top chamber in the bottom one and transport it to any place. In a packed state, it stands only 13 inches tall and it has the capacity to hold up to 2.5 gallons of water in its reservoir and can filter up to 3.5 gallons per hour. The small size yet great performance makes it a great water filter that can be carried on road trips, camps, trekking, or any other outings. With the Berkey water filter with you on the trip, you don’t have to worry about clean drinking water on your trips.

Berkey Water Filter Effectiveness & Price

The price of the Berkey Water Filter is slightly higher than the other water filters you find in the market. However, given all the features that this filter is loaded with, it is worth it. The filter is available on and if you are lucky, you might land with a good deal.

Berkey Water Filter "Positive" Factors

Berkey Water Filter "Negative" Factors

The Final Call

Even though the price of the water filter seems a little on the higher side, considering how effectively it filtrates water, the Berkey Water filter must definitely be given a thumbs up. However, before you go ahead and buy it, consider your water source, the space in your kitchen, and the drinking water demand in your house. Once you have all the data, make the final decision on whether you need the Berkey water filter to provide you clean and safe drinking water.

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