7 Best Pull out Kitchen Faucets: 2020 Buying Guide

Have you grown tired of your old kitchen faucet not being able to do what you want to do? Installing a pull-out faucet might just be the solution you’re looking for. These ingenious gadgets are fantastic; once you’ve worked with one for a while, you’ll soon question how you ever managed without it. But since every kitchen is different and everyone needs are unique; How do you pick the correct pull-out faucets for you?

To give you a helping hand, we have reviewed what we consider the seven best pull-out faucets on the market today. We’ve also included a detailed guide to help choose the features that will be most useful to you.

Here are the seven best pull-out kitchen faucets to buy in 2020

The Touchless Pull Out Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer from Forious

Anyone who’s looking for an excellent design with the convenience is the touchless Faucet should not look any further than this fantastic Faucet from Forious. The infrared sensor installed in the base means that you can turn the Faucet on by simply holding and item in front of the sensor and the water automatically switches on. Remove your hand or the item on the water stops running. The sensor is designed to detect anything that is placed in front within 4 inches. The water will continue running for 3 minutes and then switch off.

Once you pull out extendable spray head the water starts running, once you put it back in position the water switches off. The system offers maximum flexibility in directing the stream of water the spray head is designed to rotate 360�, allowing you easy access to even the most awkward spots. You can set it to flow in a stable stream of water or a spray. The stream setting is more powerful and useful for washing off more troublesome debris. The spray is more economical and designed for cleaning more delicate items such as fruit. The trigger at the back of the spray head allows you to switch between modes conveniently.

This Faucet needs a power source, for the sensor to work thankfully there’s no need to worry about any tricky wiring uses, it uses four AA batteries as a power source, and these little easy operate for two years without having to be changed. It’s impressive 16.5 inches height makes it one of the taller faucets and provides an excellent feature in any kitchen. You’ll just have to ensure that you have enough space for installation.

The installation process is straightforward, and the device will work on either one or three-hole sinks. Manufactured using copper, the body of the Faucet is sturdy, but the spray head itself is designed to be lighter and easier to use. Some people have noticed that when the valve is fixed in position, the water leaves that slight angle, something you will learn to adapt to. In the grander scheme of things, this is just a one niggle that we could find in a well-designed product.


  • Choose either a continuous or a spray stream.
  • The infrared offers automatic water flow when triggered.
  • Water runs automatically once the spray head has been pulled down.


  • The spray head appears to be lighter than some of its rivals.
  • Water flows at a slight angle.

The Single Handle Pull Out Kitchen Faucet from WEWE

This Faucet comes with an abundance of style at a reasonable price. Designed to as a high arch, this Faucet has been finished what a stunning brushed nickel. It certainly will not look out of place in any modern kitchen. Offering three different settings from pause, stream, or spray this Faucet also has an impressive 23-inch reach. The spray setting is aerated designed to provide increased pressure while reducing your water bills, but it still offers enough force to fill pictures are kettles. Manufacturers recommend you switch to the spray have any when you want to rinse off fruit or plates.

The pause setting will allow you to briefly interrupt the flow of water at any time of using the Faucet. for example, this makes a very handy for filling coffee makers without having to remove the carafe The stream and spray modes can be easily selected using a rocker switch that has been installed on the top of the spray head. The pause button is installed slightly further back and is positioned in a convenient place to allow the spray head to be easily used one-handed. The Faucet can also comfortably rotate through 360 degrees.

A single lever to the side of the Faucet allows you to control both temperature and water flow. I also work; it doesn’t have any sensor to control flow, and this means you won’t have to worry about us providing a power source. The pull-down hose comes pre-installed, meaning your complete installation job shouldn’t take any more than 30 minutes. Anyone with even those necessary DIY skills should easily be able to install this unit.

When you are dealing with it competitively priced products, you do have to make some compromises. The first thing we noticed one of those the lack of magnetic catch when the spray head retracts. This is a minor niggle but something you do take notice of. One very noticeable thing is the water line hose appears a little short, but they are extendable, and it is relatively inexpensive to do so.


  • Pause, spray and stream modes.
  • Stunning brushed nickel finish.
  • Fully compatible with 1 to 3 hole sinks.
  • They are reasonably priced.


  • Lacks the magnet clasp of the higher-end models.
  • Shorter water lines.

The Simplice Pull Out Kitchen Faucet from Kohler

Designed in a very similar fashion to the WEWE model we mentioned earlier the K-596-Vs faucet from Kohler go to step further and offers a few extra touches. But as with any technology these coming to cost and it’s nearly 50% more expensive than WEWE version. Kohler’s offers a similar style to the WEWE model, but you can choose from three different finishes matte black, polished chrome, and stainless steel.

This design placed the control buttons on the spray head, allowing it efficiently operated using one hand while other the other hand is left free to do whatever you need. The sculpted buttons are well positioned, making them easy to use with wet fingers. This spray head also has three different functions, but these are a little different from its competitors, you can choose from spray, boost, or stream. Stream as before will just provide a continuous flow of water is has been mixed with air, cutting down on its usage by up to 45%. The spray function is designed for quick cleaning or fruit or plates offering a full blade of water that’s meant to minimize splashing.

The boost function does what it says on the tin, offering you a more powerful jet of water increases the flow rate by up to 30%. Great for quickly filling water pictures or removing more stubborn dirt. One thing we noticed is that this review process is that the Faucet will always stay in whatever setting you to use last. Meaning some people may get an unexpected boost of water when all they’re looking for is a stream.

This also comes with a swivel ball joint and a braided hose making the spray head easy to pull down and comfortable to guide into any position you want. It also has a magnetic docking system meaning moving the head securely back into place is not difficult. It can be used in sinks out of either one or three holes, and you can even choose from two different heights, either 15.5 inches or just over 16 inches. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Sweep spray, boost or stream settings.
  • An excellent magnetic docking system.
  • The swivel joint and braided hose make it easy to use.


  • The fact it retains the last setting used will take some getting used to
  • Due to its height, it is prone to splashing.

The Arbor Motionsense Touchless Pull Out Kitchen Faucet from Moen

If you are looking to bring your Faucet into the 21st century, this touchless option from Moen should be on your shortlist? Offering the opportunity for maximum touchless control this Faucet has two infrared sensors installed. The first sensor is pretty standard and can be seen on many other faucets installed at the base of the Faucet to trigger water flow when a pot or pan is put in its way.

The second sensor has been placed at the top of the spouse allow you to simply switch the water on or off by moving your hand in front of it. He also has the third option of using a manual mode, the Faucet has a standard level at the side, so that was you to adjust the flow rate and temperature.

So far, so good? Let’s move on to the spray head.

The retractable spray head has a flexible hose which provides minimum resistance and is very easy to use and also retract by itself when you’re finished using it. The buttons at the back of the spray head will allow you to choose from either a stream or spray setting. This model comes with a deck and can be easily installed in any sink with one or three holes.

This Faucet comes with a lifetime guarantee and in a finish that is fingerprint and water spot resistant. Having said all that, this model is not without its issues. One problem exists with the batteries if they are dying you will not be able to use the Faucet, and for some unknown reason, they even applied for manual usage meaning you will have to keep some spare batteries nearby.

Another problem exists when you have to calibrate the sensors on installation if you get this wrong, they tend to switch on and off randomly. Unfortunately, there is no option to disable the sensors.


  • The touchless control is versatile because of the extra sensor.
  • The spray head is self-retracting
  • A lifetime guarantee


  • if your battery is dying the whole fuss has stopped operating
  • it needs to be calibrated correctly on installation on the why is it would be unreliable

The Single Handle Pull Out Sprayer Kitchen from Ufaucet

If you are working in a more restricted space and you need a faucet to fit below lower cupboards or shelves, this product from Faucet is the perfect solution for you. Unlike the other products on the list that have larger arch designs. This design features a straighter spout that slopes outwards rather than in an arch. It is only 8 inches high, less than half the height of some of the other faucets on the list.

This is also a very cost-effective model, but you do get a lot for your money. Considering the price to build quality is excellent. Made primarily from brass the body of the Faucet also has a ceramic cartridge inside. This cartridge is designed to keep the whole units drip-free for up to 500,000 uses. Twenty inches in the pull-out sprayers hose also comes with a reasonable length, offers you a choice between two settings either a powerful spray or an aerated stream the toggle switch at the top of the sprayer makes it easy to select your preferred model.

We particularly like the fact that the center of the Faucet can be rotated meaning water can easily be dispensed to either side of 2 bowl sink. It also has a detachable deck pace meaning it can easily be used in either one or three-hole sinks. Dealing with a cheaper product you will have to make some compromises first of all the Faucet is smaller than usual and finding a happy medium between the geezer and trickle can sometimes be challenging. This is especially true if you have a house with high water pressure.


  • It’s lower-profile make suitable for tighter.
  • Easily choose between a spray or a stream.
  • Fits well on 1 or 3 hole sinks


  • For some people to Faucet might be but small.
  • Getting the water pressure correct can be challenging.

The High Arc Pullout Kitchen Faucet from Comllen

Coming into the choice of matte black or brushed nickel finishes this is a classic high arch faucet design. Surprisingly it only costs a little bit more than the faucet model being both corrosion and steam resistant. Standing a standard 6 inches tall, it’s essential to note that this Faucet will need the purchase of a traditional deck plate if you’re running at the three-hole sink. Despite this flaw defensive easily swivels 360� making it very comfortable to use onto pole sink. The pull-down heads give you a choice of spray or stream moons, and it comes with a very flexible 20-inch holes means it can even be moved beyond your sink to indoor water plants if needed.

It comes with a very user-friendly switch that allows you to switch between different modes. We like that the switch is made from black rubber, so it’s comfortable to use when your fingers get wet for some strange reason decide the position is at the front of the spray has it doesn’t add any more functionality. Still, it just takes away from the meat minimalist design of the product.

The stylish lever position to the side of the Faucet is used to control water volume and pressure it’s simple to move and use and then looks good. Even though it is similar in function and looks too many other faucets on this list and this material is our pretty good quality it’s still competitively priced and in some cases less than half the price of other products. The body is also made from brass under the ceramic cartridge to prevent leaking insulation is simple for anyone with necessary DIY skills.

As with any cheaper product some corners had to be cut so once again this is not perfect, the spray head itself doesn’t retract as smoothly as you might like, and it has no magnetic talking feature. Some people have complained that given some high usage no longer docks comfortably. other users have found that this out itself becomes wobbly at the base put despite these flaws you should remember that this product comes with a lifetime guarantee and that provides excellent customer service that responds to any of your issues.


  • Competitively priced and stylish Lee design
  • Choose from spray or stream settings.
  • A ceramic cartridge has been introduced to reduce leaking.
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The pull-down faucet head is not smooth.
  • The base of the product becomes wobbly.

Bolden Pull Out Kitchen Faucet from Kraus

This is the tallest of any of our faucets on the list standing 18 inches high, installing this will undoubtedly make a bold statement. But you need to be sure that you have the space necessary to fit it comfortably underneath any shelving or cupboards. You can choose between stainless steel and chrome, stainless steel with black accents, chrome, matte black, and merely stainless steel. This striking range of finishes is all rust and corrosion-proof. It also features a fresh coil spring that winds around the hose, making it a real focal point.

The flexible hose attached to the pull-down spray head stretches up to 20 inches, allowing you plenty of room to work in even the biggest sinks. The Faucet rotates a comfortable 180 degrees. it also has to lever on the side to adjust temperature and water pressure. The spray head itself has two modes, either a powerful spray or aerated streaming. Oddly enough, the switch itself is situated in the front of the head make it easy to use, but once again it takes away from the overall aesthetic of the product.

The one weakness of this product is its spray head. They’ve decided to make it from plastic instead of stainless steel meaning with lighter weights takes a bit of getting used to. The fact you have to purchase a new deck is a bit of a pain if you are three-hole sink, but it’s not an insurmountable problem.


  • A stylish and unique design.
  • Choose from either a spray or a stream setting.
  • The ceramic cartridge will help prevent dripping.


  • The plastic spray head.
  • Not suitable for 3-hole sinks.

These are the seven faucets that we recommend I would like to thank you for taking the time to read a review even if you have a particular valve in mind. Making sure you make the correct decision is sometimes a little confusing. with that in mind here is a quick reminder of the features you should always look for

So you have space for installation?

You have to bear in mind that most of these faucets are taller than the one you’re taking out, so make sure you have enough space to install a new one.

Buy one with a deck plate

If you have a three-hole sink, make sure you purchase a faucet that comes with a deck, these are designed to cover the blank spaces,

Choose the right finish

It’s essential to choose a finish that suits your home example if you have a traditional farmhouse kitchen and shiny chrome faucet may not be the best choice.

Consider your water pressure

If you’re in an area with low water pressure installing a faucet that’s aerated can help to tackle this problem. On the flip side, if you already have high water pressure, it could cause issues with splashing.

Choosing the settings you want

Most of these faucets come with a standard set of features some have additional settings and options that you pay for, but you simply don’t need. Don’t always go for the fanciest option, remember the more moving parts a device has, the more difficult it is to maintain. Whatever Faucet you choose, we hope our guide has proven useful.

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